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Halloween 2003!

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Signature West barbie and a Mad Cow!
It was a tough crowd!
Barbies, cows with cameras,
and witches are harsh critics!
Seabicuit in the egg race!
Kiley and Tigger, I mean Seabiscuit,
practice their egg and spoon skills!

Egg racing expertise!
Jill and Robbi get in
on the balancing act!
Go  SWF Barbie!
"Signature West Barbie" (Jenn)
and Shark, like, totally take on
the egg and spoon race!

Lady bugs wait their turn
The "Bugs" wait for their
turn at Pole Bending...
Signature West style!
Pole benders
Aubray and Scout
(I mean Scotch) lay one down...
show 'em how it's done sister!

Go bug!
Madison and Brandi
put the pedal to the metal!
Hey...this isn't football!
Rian and Dante...going for a touchdown...no...wait...wrong game!

Apple bobbing...101...

 It's like this Robbi...I put the apple in the bucket
then YOU bob for it...okay? You like apples...right?

Kolby's NOT bobbing...
You grab the apple like this!
Kolby...look...like this!!!
Cedar's not bobbing either...
Cedar are you watching?
I'm not showing you again!
Secretariat would've done this!

Jessica just gives up...goes for it
herself...and wins her round!

Hmmm...the horses
never did quite get this game.
Jessica dives in!

You know how it is at parties...
there's always the folks who come late...
and the ones who never seem to to leave..
well, this party was no different,
so another group photo
seemed called for!

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