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Once again we celebrate Halloween...Signature West style!

Signature West thanks Chastin Brinkley for  these great photos!


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Ali and Asia, our contest winners for 2009, accept their prize!:
Asia was "in full bloom" and Ali all "a-buzz!"

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Disguised as NASCAR's  Matt Kenseth, KK and Webster were close second in our costume contest this year!

The pair were our winners in
the ride-a-buck competition.

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Beware the pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow and his wench...
the winners of this year's egg-and-spoon race!

Would that be a barrel of rum that Shannon's
steering the Pirate Ship Izzy toward?
Jenn and Coro
show us some pirate attitude!

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Chance, posing as a green felt card table is aptly named for his costume. But, we're thinking that Jilly is not quite old enough to be a casino dealer!

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Yeah, at first glance it doesn't look as though these two are in costume. But wait...is there an identity swap? Is that Hannah and Genna...or is it Genna and Hannah?? When our resident "twins separated at birth" rode into the arena on their look-alike horses, they had us all scratching our heads a bit!

Looking good in the ride-a-buck contest are Genna (left) and Hannah (right),
or maybe that's Hannah on the left and Genna on the right! We're so confused!

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Kirsty aboard  Rowdy, and Kiley riding Woody, showed up dressed just as sisters should be...
one the devil and one an angel.

We're sorta wondering if they got their costumes backwards though.
I mean....come on...Kiley and Woody angels???

Kirsty and Rowdy laid down one devil of ride, however, and took the prize in polebending!

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