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We want to introduce you to some of our pals!

Our "Critter Pages" are dedicated to Newman...

Our beloved Newman...
...the best pal and barn dog ever!
1997 - 2005


Hamilton , general overseer
of the property is caught in
one of his more familiar poses!

Hamilton napping

Meet Hawkins...AKA "the bad brother!"  Plating fetch and chasing laser lights are his  primary passions in life.

The brothers take a break from a tough day of playing!

Yes...we have cats!
Lots of lovable (and laughable) cats!

Stumpy Joe
One look at Stumpy Joe's face
tells you immediately who is
in charge of the barn!

Stumpy's in charge!


Tango can usually be found where there's action! He loves to hang out around the arenas during lessons. While he has

Tango grooming himself
become very adept at dodging horses in motion, he remains fearless and has been known to hold his ground when perched on a jump in use!  Consequently, along with an assortment of oxers, verticals, walls, and boxes, we have the occasional "cat jump!"  

Cajun - in a safe spot 

Cajun (A.K.A. "KJ")
 thinks that inside of
the step stool is the
best place to be in 
an active arena!

Cajun says hello...
Are you new here?

The outdoor arena can be
a nice spot on a sunny day...
when you've got it to yourself.

Cajun enjoys the sun-warmed sand

Smooshi is in charge
of checking out all of
the sprinkler heads.

Smooshi perchs up high!
Smudge meets Remi
Smudge, new in town,
says "hi" to Remi!

SWF bar

Meet Salsa...the "Queen Cat" of the premises!

Sadly, we said goodbye to Salsa in April 2010. Because she "came with the property," we don't really know how old she was. Until she discovered the joys of indoor living late in her life, she excelled in warming the laps of obliging clients.

Rhumba...wearing his tuxedo.
SWF bar

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