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Equine Reflections
Ally shows Tigger some appreciation a job well done! Rebecca tells Tobi what
a good boy he is...

Rowan...Hannah loves ya bunches...

 and it looks like Tommy thinks you're pretty special too!

Shannon plants one on Uno...
he's such a good boy!

Cameron giving "Pigpen"
some loves!

Midas...Hannah L. thinks you're pretty special!


Hannah A., showing some love...!

Jill & her pal celebrate
"National Hug an Irish Horse Day!"

Anthem...Georgia thinks
you're the best boy ever.

Kim thanks Tango
for a job well done!

Avery and Sampson
Avery and Sampson
share a quiet moment.

Aiden scores a kiss
from Jenn

Jenn tells Coro how awesome he is!

Rian and Enya
Enya gets some love
from Rian!

Georgia...who's your pal?


Gabi and Rhumba

Gabi and Rhumba...
just hangin' out together

Kiley and Woody

Kiley and Woody are pals! Kim and Tango

Cuppi always deserves
a hug!

Jill & Cuppi   

   Kim & Isis
Isis gets a smooch from Kim! 

Trisha plants one    
on Midy!     

Trisha & Midas


Awwww...Hannah...who's your pal?

Jilly loves ya Chance!

KK and Webbie...
his first day at his new home...

kk & Webster

kk & Webbie
I'm a luvva luvva him!

Brenda & CooperBrenda & Coop!  
 Brenda thanks Cooper for a great show!

Kenzie and Karrson
Kenzie and Karrson
Kenzie and Karrson
Kenzie and Karrson

Jenn, Aiden & Shannon
Jenn and Shannon tell Aiden
what a good boy he is.Kate & Midas
Midas surprises Kate...just as she
was about to kiss the end of his nose!

Madi & Chester

Madi & Chester
Awww...Madi loves Chester!

Madi and Chester

Gabi & Odi
Odi gets a well deserved hug    
of appreciation from Gabi!     
Remi's "Gramma Jowell"
 tells him he's wonderful!
 KK & Maggie
Maggie gets a little love      
between classes from KK  

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