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More horsing around at the  horse shows...
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The 2008 Bainbridge Classic provided us with an amazing opportunity to observe and
photograph an active osprey nest!  We watched the parents come and go, bringing
 food to their nestlings, and heard them call each other during the entire show!


Signature West riders never miss an opportunity
to enhance their riding skills!
Way to go Tiffany!
Click here for the video version!  :-)

here's the deal...
if you two can't behave yourselves we will turn this truck and trailer right around and go home!!!

Only Kimbo can turn the changing of a bit into an
art form!

Kim and Tango share some
down time between classes.

Jodale and Campari call
it a day at the show ring

Hey...Campari are we keeping you up?

The Bainbridge Classic offers up more wildlife viewing for us! Over the years tame
bunnies have been turned loose in the park, and well...bunnies being bunnies...
there is now a proliferation of all sizes and colors of them dotting the landscape!
Local myth says that one year KK managed to catch a teeny one for everyone to
cuddle and oooooh and aaaaah over before it was sent hopping on its merry way.

Okay ladies, in this next class...

Horse shows are so exhausting!

Hey...Hannah...yes...we're talkin' to you!!!

Yeah...it's a Washington horse show!  How'd you guess?

Death by silly string...it's called "payback!"

After winning the Golf Cart Race at Brawley in 2007, we found ourselves the
 target of disgruntled competitors!  :-)  Our hard-won trophy would
disappear, only to show up in the oddest places.


anybody home?

Would you like some
ham with that cheese?

...even cheesier!!!

Kenz and Madi...

Kelsey & McCormick
Kelsey & McCormick get
ready for their next class.

Madi, Kim, Chester & Blitzen
Madi and Kim...Joined at the hip...well...almost!

Just hangin' out at the shows
is half the fun!

Between classes, Sarah and Annie catch a few winks in the warm sun.
Photo by Poulsen Photography

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