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horsing around
at the  horse shows!

Signature West parents know what an important role they play!

Everybody tucked in? (Evergreen 2010)

We had some (okay...a ton of) fun at WEC 2009...
SWF riders, waiting their turn at the in-gate... photo by Amanda McLean Photography
SWF...on the rail for their riders!

photo Equine Reflections

photo Equine Reflections

SWF riders do well & have a ball in the relay!

Madi & Kimbo solicit spectator support!

Equine Reflections

photo Equine Reflections

Kiley and KK "ramp it up a notch" in their effort to win cheers from the crowd!

Equine Reflections

Turnin' & burnin' in the relay!

Equine Reflections

Sharing a quiet moment...

SWF...sitting in the shade...enjoying the show.

Carter studys the course...while Hannah A. just, um...
er...uh...stares off into space???

Hanna L., clearly Midas has no intention of cooperating
for a photo until he's had his kiss!

Genna & Hanna A. line up for their ribbons

we're proud of our riders!

A study in contrast...
Ari checks out his digs
at one of his first shows!

Octoberfest 2008...
talent on display

Meet the newest singing sensations...The SWF-ettes (pronounced swiff-ets)...

not to be confused with that other group...The Dixie Cups!

Then there's this duet...about to "fall off of the charts!"

Fun at Evergreen 2008!


Shannon had a respectable
showing in the class!


Signature West riders do well in
all phases of competition! Check
out Jenn & Ali...the winners of the
Evergreen Best Hat Contest 2008!


(above) Ali & Jenn get some help preparing for their class!

Shan catches a few seconds
worth of shut-eye!

Then, as usual, we have
waaaaaay too much fun!
Click on the thumbnail to see
the result of golf carts, wet grass,
and too much downtime!  :-)


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