Even the best of us require feedback so we can execute at our highest level.  Our program includes:

- beginner lessons starting at just $60

- private or group settings

- use of Signature West horses and tack

- horsemanship skills to promote safety


Helping you and your horse perform your best is our first priority.  

Part/full training programs include:

- combination of three to five professional training rides and riding lessons per week

- coordination of veterinarian and farrier

- grooming

- mane pulling, basic clipping



Care is limited to horses in training, and includes:

- matted stall cleaned daily

- high quality hay and grain fed three times per day

- supplement management

- daily turnout

- blanketing


When a rider's ability eventually outgrows the scope of their horse, we make finding the next loving home for their animal an easy process. 

Not a client?  We also accept horses from outside the program with the sole purpose of assisting an owner in the marketing and sale of their horse.  Our years of experience provide you a vast network of industry contacts across all disciplines.

Or maybe you're ready for your next partner?  We can help you find a horse that's right for you. 

Contact us to schedule a tour, or learn more about our rates and programs.